The Whale of Trail Supermoms

Trail running is not only a sport that showcases some of the lesser known locations around our beautiful country, it also brings people with a shared love of the outdoors and adventure together, and the Merrell Whale of Trail is no different. This year, it has brought a special group of women together, the Whale of Trail Supermoms, who are not only united by their common mom-duties and school runs, but also their shared goal… Continue reading

Run your best Whale of Trail | Pro Tips

Tips for a PB Run like Wayde van Niekerk The Whale of Trail starts at Potberg Environmental Centre, and bottlenecks the entire field onto single track immediately. To avoid overcrowding the organisers introduced a lap around the Centre first, so if you’re keen to get up front early on – then best you Wayde van Niekerk the first lap to get a good position on the single track. “If you want to be up ahead… Continue reading

Get to grips with the route

For one day a year, the Whale Trail, a five-day hiking trail through De Hoop Nature Reserve, is reserved exclusively for Merrell Whale of Trail entrants to boldly tackle the full distance of 53km in just one day. Frequented by hiking and outdoor enthusiasts for the remainder of the year as a five-day excursion, it is only natural to break the route down into five sections (as per the five days). Bryony McCormick, two-time Whale… Continue reading

Beat the Beach

The Merrell Whale of Trail has a notorious beach section, about 30km into the race, that can quite literally stop you in your tracks. Whether you’re running to win or just to survive, the beach section will slow you down, test your strength and most of all, your mental stability. Despite sounding treacherous, it is also one of the most beautiful parts of the run, and the 5km stretch of unspoilt, pristine sandy beach will… Continue reading

Five reasons to enter

Sitting on the fence about entering the Merrell Whale of Trail? Five finishers from the last three year’s chat a bit about why they wouldn’t think twice before entering again, and what they got out of their experience running the 53km through De Hoop Nature Reserve. Listening to their reasons it becomes apparent how the beauty of an area has the ability to entice people back for more! This is what they had to say.… Continue reading