Merrell Whale of Trail Ups prize money to R110k

Race organisers and Mountain Runner Event partners, Graham Bird and Tatum Prins, welcome two new sponsors on board for the 2018 instalment of the Merrell Whale of Trail: PSG Rosebank and De Hoop Collection. Thanks to both, the Merrell Whale of Trail has upped their prize money and now offer elites and trails runners a prize pot they simply can’t afford NOT to race for! Suzette von Broembsen from PSG Rosebank, an avid trail runner… Continue reading

Where to stay

  The Merrell Whale of Trail entry fee is exclusive of accommodation – which gives you the freedom to book a bed that suits your needs and pocket! On a first-come-first-book type basis, and with roughly four months to go before the 2018 Whale of Trail, accommodation options are dwindling. Don’t be caught having to sleep in your car, which a) is never recommended before a 53km ultra and b) isn’t actually allowed, and book… Continue reading

Do I cut it?

So often trail runners steer clear of entering ultras, often due to a combination of a fear of the unknown and self-doubt. The Merrell Whale of Trail is certainly made up of a variation of types of terrain; the first half winds through fynbos covered mountains before descending to the enchanting Noetsie Bay and finally turns west and homewards along the rocky shores of the Indian Ocean, with a mix of sandy beach and coastal… Continue reading

Add it to your bucket list

Regardless of whether it’s pinned to the fridge with a dodgy magnet or in our minds – we all have a bucket list of sorts, a list of accomplishments and experiences that we hope to tick off in your lifetime. As a trail runner, there are just certain runs that need to be on that list, the Merrell Whale of Trail is one of them. A pristine ultra-trail that steers you over mountains and across… Continue reading

Whale of Trail generously ups prize money

The Merrell Whale of Trail announces a generous increase in 2017 prize money, incentivising runners across the country to make their way to the start line on 29th July 2017 at De Hoop Nature Reserve. The first male and female across the line will walk away with R15k each, a large difference to last year’s R3k. “In first two years we gave R3000, R2000 and R1000 for the top three men and women respectively,” says… Continue reading