It’s a big race with a big heart.

The Merrell Whale of Trail 2016 was won this weekend by Mark Winter in 5hr39min, slicing 11minutes off the previous record, with Tracey Almirall leading in the ladies with 6hr57min. The majority of the field however, set off on this trail at dawn with the intention not of winning but of finishing the longest, toughest, most diverse and technical trail they have ever attempted. To stumble up the boardwalk with 53km behind them, elated with… Continue reading

ULTRA Magazine features Whale of Trail

Multiple award winning UK running magazine highlights the WOW! factor of our race. “Ultramarathons are often marketed with aggressive or unfriendly words; brutal, testing, ultimate challenge, whereas the Merrell Whale of Trail is so damn enjoyable as to make one feel guilty for claiming any hardship. It is an ultra and it is a tough, nay, incredibly tough route to do in a day, but every single finisher does so grinning. Shattered and spent, yet absolutely aware of the privilege… Continue reading

Wild Card blogs about Merrell Whale of Trail

“Imagine starting off at dawn and heading straight up a hill, knowing that’s the highest climb of the day already done… Coming up to see the sunrise [the course heads east and ends west], the view of the Breede River on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other with this whole area as your playground for the day. Approaching the finish line – on firm ground after a long stretch of beach –… Continue reading

Merrell Whale of Trail 2016 date announced

They have some family commitments and feasting to attend to in Antarctica, so some are thinking about heading home soon, but the Southern Right Whales will leave with a ‘Sea you later’ promise to be back next year to take up their cheerleading positions. South Africa’s acclaimed five day Whale Trail hiking route is offered as a challenge to runners capable of embracing all 53km of spectacular mountain paths, technical rocky ridgelines, sandy beach stretches… Continue reading

Whale of Trail in the news

Merrell Whale of Trail puts the W on Ow! Running 53km anywhere, is tough. Starting out with a 450m climb straight up a mountain makes it a little more daunting. Traversing 23km of single track mountain path takes some training. Trotting along the seaside clifftops puts strain on the fatigued legs. And then descending onto a beach is where one hits the proverbial wall. Only it is softer than a wall. And longer. But it… Continue reading