Race Rules & Regulation


  • Competitors need to be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Running under someone else’s number will result in disqualification.
  • If you withdraw from the event, competitors must notify the race timekeepers or a marshal immediately.
  • Compulsory equipment is non-negotiable. Failure to comply will result in time penalties or disqualification, at the Race Director’s discretion.
  • Competitors are to follow and complete the entire course as designed by the Organiser.
  • It is the competitor’s responsibility to check in at all check points. Failure to do so will result in a DNF.


  • No physical support is allowed. Any form of physical support will lead to the competitor’s disqualification.
  • Supporters are welcome at the start and finish. Unfortunately no public access is permitted on the CapeNature jeep tracks that we use for our race safety vehicle access and there is no way to reach the checkpoints unless you run there.
  • Supporters are to have read these Standard Rules and Regulations.

Eco Awareness

Competitors are to adhere to the following stipulations at all times:

  • Picking of flowers, cutting of walking sticks and/or any damage to the natural vegetation is prohibited.
  • Competitors must stay on the marked course at all times.
  • No tree, rock, etc. may be defaced in any manner.
  • Littering in any way is prohibited.
  • Competitors are to comply with any instruction or request issued by a Cape Nature official.
  • All vehicles are to be parked in the designated area.
  • The event is strictly a NO SMOKING event. No fires are allowed anywhere on the reserve.
  • Transgression of any of the above will render the competitor to disqualification.

General Rules

  • No dogs allowed.
  • Any individual who tests positive for illegal substances (as specified by WADA list) will be barred from all events for a minimum period of two (2) years.
  • Any individual, male or female, will be barred from all events for life if found to have used physical violence during the course of the event.
  • Abusive language will not be tolerated. Persons wishing to express outrage will do so in a controlled manner.
  • Competitors crossing the finish will be given a “line finish position”. This is pending the outcome of illegal substance test results, complaints and/or any further information coming to the organisers’ knowledge.
  • The first competitor to complete the event, having complied with all rules and regulations, will be considered the winner.
  • Any abuse of or disregard for instructions given by race marshals to any competitor will result in immediate disqualification.

Refunds and Substitutions

  • See individual race info pages for refunds and substation policies applicable

Medical Assistance

  • Paramedic crews will be available for medical treatment and consultation.
  • Medical treatment is limited to basic first aid and advice. Should a competitor require advanced life support, active fluid replacement therapy (IV), the administration of any oral or intravenous drug, then that competitor, subject to the Race Director’s final decision, will be prevented from continuing with the event.
  • The medical crew has the authority to withdraw a competitor from an event should the competitor’s further participation in the event possibly result in permanent injury, disability or death to the competitor.
  • Competitors are obliged to carry their personal medications on them. The medical crew will not be on hand to supply personal medication should the competitors concerned have failed to supply their own.
  • The medical crew will provide immediate emergency treatment and stabilisation. Should a competitor require transport by road or air ambulance, the cost of any transport out of the race environment will be carried by the patient
  • Competitors are strongly advised to take appropriate insurance against the costs of emergency evacuations and repatriation.

Complaints & Appeals

  • Any competitor wishing to appeal or complain any aspect of the event can do so. Complaints are to be received by the Race Director within 30 minutes of the competitor crossing the finish line. Complaints may only be made with firsthand knowledge. No second-hand reports will be accepted or considered.
  • In the event of there being discrepancies in finishing positions resulting from such reports and/or complaints, the Prize Giving will only take place after a verdict has been reached by the Race Director.
  • Positions announced at Prize Giving are subject to the results of illegal substance tests and any further findings brought to the attention of the organisers.
  • Any objections to positions announced at Prize Giving must be given immediately, once prizes have been handed over, the results will be final.
  • Winners must be present at Prize Giving to qualify for prizes.
  • Appeals regarding decisions are to be received by the Race Director within 30 minutes of the decision.
  • The Event Organiser, as advised by senior marshals, will consider appeals.

Disqualification/Time Penalties

  • Any competitor who has not completed the entire course will be disqualified.
  • Any competitor found to have transgressed the rules and regulations of the event and/or acting contrary to the spirit of the event will be liable for disqualification.
  • The Race Director may impose a disqualification or penalty taking into consideration the spirit of the event. A statement will be requested from the applicable competitor should he/she wish to explain or justify his/her actions.
  • Any competitor refusing to undergo testing for illegal substances will be disqualified.

Spirit of the Event

  • Where one competitor finds another in need of medical attention – they must stop to assist.
  • Abiding by the rules and regulations of this event and sport.
  • Being eco-friendly, polite and prepared to assist a fellow man in need.
  • Not misleading organisers and/or marshals with inaccurate/incomplete information.
  • Not removing direction boards or signage of any sort.

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